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Protective Mask

Izak Dimenstein

176 Pages, ISBN 979 8447 3519 84     
Independently published, April 2022     

The book presents protective mask issues in a comprehensive way. With this book, a professional, especially in medical field, will find different masks discussed herein that form part of their occupational personal protective equipment (PPE), while the general public might be able to broaden their knowledge about these devices. The aim is to describe face coverings from their design approach in terms of technical details and to provide material for the reader's formulation of their views on the mask's protective function. A special section is devoted to details on the N95 respirator's performance as a protective face covering against viruses.

Izak Dimenstein is an infectious disease epidemiologist, experimental immunologist, pathologist in Rusia and pathologists' assistant in USA.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

Very informative and honest book about the pros and cons of face masks. The author has a preference for certain face masks and also clearly shows why most face masks do not protect against viruses. He is critical about both the pro and the contra research around face masks. I highly recommend this book!