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The Face Mask in Covid Times

A Sociomaterial analysis

Deborah Lupton, Clare Southerton, Marianne Clark and Ash Watson

102 Pages, ISBN 978 3 11 072325 0     
Published by De Gruyter, 2021     

Beyond its role as a protective covering against coronavirus infection, the face mask is the bearer of immense symbolic and political power and arouses intense emotions. Adopting an international perspective informed by social theory, The Face Mask in Covid Times: A Sociomaterial Analysis offers an intriguing investigation of the social, cultural and historical dimensions of face-masking as a practice in the age of Covid.

  • Short and accessible analysis of the sociomaterial dimensions of the face mask in the age of Covid-19
  • Examples from public health advice and campaigns, anti-mask activism, and popular culture
  • The ideal primer for HSS uni courses focusing on Covid-19

Deborah Lupton is SHARP Professor and Leader of the Vitalities Lab in the Centre for Social Research in Health and Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Australia.

Clare Southerton, Marianne Clark and Ash Watson are all Postdoctoral Fellows in the Vitalities Lab.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)