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The Face Mask Cult

Hector Drummond

395 Pages, ISBN 978 1 9999907 9 4     
Published by CantusHead Books, 2022     

2020 was the year the world went mad over a disease that was no more dangerous than a bad flu. The most visible sign of the Covid hysteria was the face mask, which overnight went from a silly accessory for hypochondriacs to de rigueur for all right-thinking people. Governments everywhere made them compulsory. Appearing anywhere in front of people (other than your closest family) without a face nappy on was now akin to exposing your private parts.

The face mask madness is gradually retreating, but for millions of people the thought of not wearing one around other people is still intolerable, and they remain terrified of the sight of an unmasked face. Hector Drummond (PhD) provides a comprehensive overview of the issue, and the scientific literature, to show that wearing a face mask is pointless, because face masks don't stop Covid-19.

Dr Hector Drummond is a former academic philosopher who has worked in an academic risk institute. He is the author of the campus satire Days of Wine and Cheese. He is also the creator of Skeptics in the Pub.

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