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Why most of what you know is wrong

Sebastian Rushworth

139 Pages, ISBN 978 91 88729 83 5     
Karneval Publishing, 2021     

In Covid: Why most of what you know is wrong Sebastian Rushworth examines some of the most central questions about the Covid-19 pandemic.
He demonstrates that Covid-19 is nowhere near as bad as it is portrayed by the mainstream media.
He shows that the mortality rate is below 0.2%, i.e. that for most people the risk of dying if infected is less than 1 in 500 (less than 1 in 3.000 if you're below 70).
The disease preferentially strikes people who are anyway very close to the end of life, so the amount of life-time lost when someones dies of the disease is usually tiny.
Moreover, he points out that the measures taken to fight Covid, such as the lockdowns, the huge fear campaigns and the school closures, will result in far more years of life lost than will be lost due to the virus.

Sebastian Rushworth is a junior doctor in Stockholm, Sweden. His blog about health and science is widely read across the English speaking world.

"If you want a guide to what is really going on with Covid-19, then I fully recommend this book. You will end up with much more complete understanding, which is what we are all looking for, I think."
- Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

Interview (20 min.) with the author: YouTube.com

Website of the author: www.SebastianRushworth.com